Acts 8:1-17
The Samaria Outpouring

Question: What was the evidence (or proof) that God was alive and well and at work in Samaria?

            Evidence #1: Lives were Changed. (vs. 6, 7)

                        ~ People were healed, evil spirits were cast out and miracles took place!

            Evidence #2: Joy was Present. (v. 8)

                        ~ The presence of God brings a spirit of joy when God is at work!

            Evidence #3: Sin’s power was Broken. (vs. 9-13)

                        ~ Simon the sorcerer was exposed and freed by god’s power!

            Evidence #4: The Holy Spirit was Poured Out. (vs. 14-17)

                        ~ Believers received the baptism in the holy Spirit!

            Evidence #5: Evangelism took Place. (v. 25)

                        ~ As the apostles take the good news to “Many villages of the Samaritans”!