We are resume our regular Church 
Service only @ 10:30 am.
If you are not able to attend,
we invite you to join us on our
Facebook Page at 10:30 am.
for Worship and the Word.
~ We are looking to expand our
    Discipleship Program here at the church.
~  The means to make this happen would
     be a Zoom/call in participation in a Bible
     Study or Discipleship Class or a Prayer
~  If you are interested in being involved in
    this, you can email the church or email
    Jackie at lemonemclean@gmail.com
~ Let us know these 2 things:
   #1. A simply “Yes” with name.
   #2. What would be a best time for you?
~ Until we are able to meet without
   restrictions, we are looking for input.
Attention all to Men – Men’s Convention
Any Question – See Joshua Nelligan