May 30, 2021

Be Prepared

Matthew 25:1-13


A. Life is full of the Unexpected.
     1. Sometimes, no matter how carefully we’ve
         planned ahead, life sneaks up behind us and
         smacks us on the head.
     2. The apostles and the whole early church also
         expected Christ to return soon.
B. How many are Prepared for Christ’s return?
     1. Christ will return for His church.
     2. These Ten young ladies were getting
          prepared for a wedding.
     3. This whole section of Matthew – is very clear
          about what our attitude should be toward
          Jesus’ second coming.

         ~ Jesus says; “Be watchful, be prepared”


Fact: All these parables scream out to us: Be

         ready! Watch! Be wise!

C. But there is another perspective concerning
     watching and waiting, we are to watch with a
     positive anticipation. (v. 10)
     1. It troubles me that so many Christians look
         toward the future with doubt and dread.


Fact: We wait not with fear, but with faith.


     2. The point is to be prepared.
     3. The coming of Christ will reveal those who
          are truly ready and prepared.


Fact: The major thrust of this story — at this point is,

          that they were too late.

       ~ The word “know” in verse 12, implies an

           “intimate personal relationship”.


Question: Are you that prepared for both the

                  challenges and the opportunities that life

                  will send you? Are you ready to stand

                  before God and give an account of your



Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of man comes.”



“Do not procrastinate, get serious with God today.”

May 23, 2021

Be on Full Alert

Mathew 24:32-44




Fact: When it comes to predicting the end of the

          world, Jesus says, nobody knows what time

          it is but God, so why should the rest of us

          care at all.


     1. History is full of people ignoring this
         statement of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:14;
          “Those who don’t work shouldn’t eat.”

        ~ It was not a condemnation or judgment on

           the unemployed, but a warning to those

           who had decided there was no earthly

           reason to work, if the Second Coming was

           happening in a

           moment and Christ was returning.

     2. The Bible says, “Our times are in God’s
          hands.” (Ps. 31:15)


     1. Matthew knows nothing about a Rapture of
         the church when he talks here about end

         ~ He is sharing Jesus’ words about an event

            that is going to take place.

        ~ Jesus is emphasizing here that that day will

           come with such suddenness and it will be

           unexpected to those who don’t believe,

           because they think that they had more time.

     2. So, we are called not to be fearful, but to be


Fact: While some of us might be asked to risk

          dying for our faith, most of us must risk

          living faithful lives.


     1. The Biblical word; “Be alert, be ready” means:
     2. Not only will that day be unexpected, but it will
         also be a day of separation.
     3. I ask you today, if you are a believer, be
         watchful every day and vigilant against the
         temptations which might rob you of your


Fact: Jesus emphasized the necessity of living in

          readiness for His coming by comparing it to

          the coming of a thief.

          ~ You don’t know the hour that a thief will

              come, so you have to be vigilant at all



Watch for Christ, He is Coming. Amen!!!
May 16, 2021

Signs of the Times

Mathew 24:1-14


A. Jesus tells the disciples about the destruction        of the Temple. (v. 2)
     1. Jesus says that the Holy City will fall.
     2. Nothing could have shocked the disciples               more than the destruction of the temple.

Question: What were the questions asked?

Answer:   They asked Jesus three questions. (v. 3)

       #1. “Tell us, when shall these things be?”                                                        (verses 4-14)

      #2.What shall be the sign of thy coming?”                                       (verses 45- 25:30)

      #3. “And of the end of the world?” (vs. 15-44)


   3. The disciples’ curiosity about the times and                seasons (Acts 1:6-7) and their desire for a              sign was dangerous.


B. Jesus gave us a preview of what the world will         look like just before His coming.

 Fact: He predicted that certain trends, not signs,              would be apparent as the end time draws                near.


    1. In verses 5 and 11, Jesus tells us that MANY            FALSE MESSIAHS AND FALSE PROPHETS          WILL APPEAR to deceive many people.
    2. In verses 6, Jesus predicted that there would            be WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR until the            very end.
    3. Another prediction of Jesus, in verse 7, was              that there would be FAMINES AND                          EARTHQUAKES before the end of history.
    4. Jesus also predicted that before the end of              time Christians would face MUCH                            PERSECUTION.


C. Jesus tell us what the church will look like just n       before the end of time. (vs. 11-12)
    1. The number one job of the devil is to get                  Christian to stop believing in God.                                                                            (John 10:10)
    2. Another birth-pain that Jesus predicted as a              sign of the end-time was that there would be            AN INCREASE IN WICKEDNESS.
    3. Those who fail to search the scriptures and              hide it in their heart will fall into sin more                  easily.


Fact: Jesus predicted all of these trends, but he               also said,

  “Do not be alarmed, for the end is still to come.”                                     (Matt. 24:6)

Fact: Jesus wanted us to be alert and aware, but              not fearful.


    4. When Jesus reminded the disciples that the              times and the seasons were none of their                business, He went on to tell them their

        business was to be His witnesses. (v. 14)

May 9, 2021




A. In the Scriptures, it mentions many who wore an
    1. Shepherds wear a leather apron when
        shearing and bathing sheep to protect their
    2. But the apron of humility and guardianship and
        care-giving is most associated not with sheep-
        shepherds or tanners or glass blowers, but
        with people-shepherds known as “moms.”


Fact: The one who wears the apron is the

          shepherd of the house, and in tune with the

          Good Shepherd, leaves a mark of blessing

          on her household.


B. Within memory of many of you here this
     morning, “aprons” were protections from the
     harshness of kitchen encounters and the hits
     from everyday life.
     1. Aprons historically have been the way for
         moms to function as port, portal and patrol
         for their families in a constantly changing,
         always altering life.
     2. The aprons that our mother’s wore are
         symbols of service.


Fact: Jesus also wore an “apron” of sort when He

          insisted upon washing all his disciples’ feet

          and drying them with a towel that was bound

          about his waist.


“Jesus “aproned up”

before he “offered up.”


C. Jesus was always aproning up and offering
     “apron strings” that could connect us to the
      ultimate protective power of God’s love and


In fact: The “apron strings” that are ridiculed by the

             world are the life-lines that people of faith

             live by. 


     1. The apron was like a body part of our Moms.
     2. Her apron bore all the memories of

Fact: Every apron tells a story . . . and not just one

          story. Every apron tells a book of stories.

          Every apron is a storybook.


D. The “apron” as a metaphor goes back all the
     way to the garden of Eden, when our ancient
     “parents” tied aprons of fig leaves around

     themselves in preparation for a life in which

     they would toil and labor for the benefit of their


Fact: The apron is a symbol of humility . . . and of



     1. Around the waist, the apron was worn by all
         laborers, by those engaging in trades, and by
         those practicing medicine.


Fact: An apron mom was a “woman of the cloth,”

         and the apron was a symbol of the

         “sacredness” of the table in the midst of

          everyday living.


     2.The apron wraps us in generational memory.



Peter talks about putting

on the apron of humility.

(1 Peter 5:5)

April 18 & 25, 2021

The Truth Built on the Solid Rock

Matthew 7:24-27

A. Wise Builders. (v. 24)
     1. He said, “Everyone who hears these words of
         mine and puts them into practice is like a
         man who built his house on the rock”
      2. I believe Jesus’s words in Matthew 7 are
          more about being wise or unwise in the way
          we live.

 Fact: Jesus said that it all comes down to two


     #1. “You hear My Word”; #2. “You live My Word.”


     3. There is no way around the authority and the
          importance Jesus put on the truth of the
          Bible. (John 10:35) 

Fact: Jesus’s example shows us the truth and

          power of God’s Word are the foundation for

          living our lives. (Heb. 4:12)

B. One Truth and the Lies.
     1. There is so much power in the truth.

Fact: The truth changes everything.

Fact: God has been so kind to reveal the truth you

          need for this life in the Bible. 

Fact: Because we’re talking about guidance for

          what we believe, how we live, and what’s

          always true, I’d actually prefer a guide that’s

          been tested and proven over time.
C. Conversing in Truth.
     1. If you are a follower of Jesus, you need to be
         in the Bible every single day.

Fact: I find it amazing that through God’s Word and

          our prayers, we get to have a two-way

          conversation steeped in truth and life.

                                                 (John 14:13–14)

      2. Jesus told us that He’d do whatever we ask

          in His name so the Father can be glorified.

 Fact: God’s Word and prayer work in concert to

           change us and to change the world around

           us through truth.

Fact: Jesus doesn’t ask for us to be taken out of

          the world. Rather, He declares that we are

          not of the world. (John 17:16–17)


His Word is truth.

April 11, 2021

The Need for Church Life

(Matthew 16:13–20)


A. Amazing Beginnings: (Matthew 16:17–18)
    1. One of the reasons I have such great hope for the
        Church is that Jesus established it and promised
        that it would prevail no matter the times or
        circumstances it faces.


Fact: the Greek word translated as “church” is

          ekklesia, which is a local assembly or gathering.

Fact: Jesus is the foundation of everything the Church



B. A Tremendous Trust. (Matthew 16:19)
    1. What tremendous power and responsibility Jesus
         gave the church!
     2. The church has the authority to bring the full
          power and truth of heaven with it to a hurting and
          sinful world.


Fact: We have been given the keys to the kingdom, so

          we are going to take it forward by His power,

          under the protection of His grace, and through

          the leading of His Spirit so that what is loosed

          here on earth by His power may be loosed in

          heaven for all of eternity. And the gates of hell

          will not stand against us!


C. Better Together.

Fact: But the best thing about organized religion is that

          it organizes.

Fact: We have a common mission and call.

                                                      (Romans 12:4–6)

Fact: Our different gifts working in conjunction with one

          another to open up ministry.

In fact: We are called to change and shape our world

             together with the power of the Gospel.


D. We Need the Church.
     1. Our need to gather together goes beyond what
         we can get done or do; it actually affects who we
         are and what we become.


Fact: The message of Christ dwells among us.

Fact: We are called to go deeper in our relationship

          with Jesus, to experience greater freedom in His

          Spirit, and to undergo a more complete

          transformation into His likeness.


     2. If you want to grow to the next level in the way
         you follow Jesus, you have to get beyond your
         own voice and your own interpretation of God’s

Fact: This gathering or assembly is important for our

          growth, our unity, and our purpose.

Fact: One of our biggest problems is that we need

          constant reminders of the truth.

Fact: Gathering here with you every week keeps my

          life on track with what I believe in my heart. We

          also gather together to bring real help and

          support for life’s difficulties.


E. Call to Worship.
     1. We gather to worship God because He is worthy
          of our praise. (1 Chronicles 16:29)


Fact: To worship is to declare who God is and what

           place He has in our lives.

S. Lewis said:

“In the process of being worshipped,

God communicates His presence to men.”


       2. We gather together to draw near to God.

W. Tozer said;

“Sometimes I go to God and say, ‘God, if Thou dost never answer another prayer while I live on this earth, I will still worship Thee as long as I live and in the ages to come for what Thou hast done already.’ God’s already put me so far in debt that if I were to live one million millenniums I couldn’t pay Him for what He’s done for me.”

April 4, 2021

Easter Evidence

Mark 8:31–32


A.) The Great Proof. (Mark 8:31-32)

      1. As He lived, Jesus foretold His death and


Fact: Since Jesus rose from the grave, we know

          that all who believe in Him will be raised from

          the dead as well. (1 Cor. 15:17–21)


      2. It is the proof that all Jesus did and all Jesus
          said was true.


Fact: This Resurrection Sunday we have great

          confidence in both the truth and power of

          Jesus’s Resurrection.


B.) The Great Cost.

      1. In the years after Jesus ascended into
          heaven, the disciples faced persecution and
      2. Many people in history have died for what
          they truly believed as a result of what others
          have told them.


C.) A Change of Heart.

      1. You might remember that before the
           Resurrection, Peter was afraid to admit to a
           young servant girl that he knew Jesus.


Fact: The beauty of the Resurrection is the

          transformation power it brings!


       2. Not only does the forgiving and healing
           power of the Resurrection reach out to every
           day in our future, it also reaches back to
           every day in our past.


Fact: To take part in the Resurrection is to believe

          in the cross.

Fact: How completely He can change the way a

          person thinks, how a person lives, and even

          who a person is.


D.) The Change Is Complete.

Quote by Watchman Nee

“Our old history ends with the Cross;

our new history begins with the resurrection.”


     1. The Resurrection makes us new.
     2. The Crucifixion and Resurrection are God’s
          work to close the gap.

Understand this:

God’s call is not for you to be better.

His call is “Come.”

March 28, 2021

Every Member in Ministry

Romans 12:4-5

A. Why belong to a local church?
     1. To help you to find and fulfill your life’s purpose!
     2. Your church is a classroom for learning how to
          get along with God’s family. (1 Cor. 12:26)
     3. I believe that people today are eagerly searching
         for a place where they can invest their lives in
         meaning ministry.
B. Why belong to a local church?
     1. It helps you develop spiritual muscle. (Eph. 4:16)
     2. Also, it can keep you from backsliding.



We are called to be involved in each other’s lives!


C. Why belong to a local church?

     1. You become a member of a specific family in
          order to receive nurture and care.



You become a “member” by committing

yourself to a body of believers and the His teachings.


     2. There are 2 great benefits to belonging to a local

         #1. It promotes honesty.

         #2. It provides support.



You’re not responsible for everyone in your church, but you are responsible to them.


     3. Everyone has a place in this church.
     4. We are encouraging you to get involved in this



“Because it gives us a PURPOSE to live for, PEOPLE  to live with, PRINCIPLES to live by,

a PROFESSION to live out, and POWER to live on.”




March 21, 2021

“How to avoid shipwreck.”

Acts 27:12

    “Since the harbor was unsuitable to winter in, the majority decided that we should sail on, hoping to reach Phoenix and winter there. This was a harbor in Crete, facing both southwest and northwest.” (NIV)


A. They were dissatisfied with where they were. (v. 12)

    #1. God doesn’t guide us by our dissatisfaction or by public opinion polls.

          ~ Psalm 1:1, says: “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel

                                         of the ungodly”.

          ~ 2 Corinthians 5:7, says: “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”

          ~ “Walking” is a familiar Scripture term used to describe a person’s life

              here on earth.


The walk of Faith

        * Faith in the existence of God.                     * Faith in God’s Providence.

        * Faith in God as your personal Savior.         * Faith in an ever-present

                                                                                 spiritual aid.

        * Faith in God’s divine promises.      


    #2. When things get difficult we’re called to overcome them, not try to

          escape them. (1 John 5:4-5)

Question: Who is an overcomer?

Answer:   An overcomer is one who, by God’s grace received Christ as their

                 Savior and remains constant in their victory over sin, the world and

                 Satan. (1 John 4:4)

         ~ The secret of the overcomer’s victory is found in Revelation 12:11.


A Truth to Remember

“If our load starts to feel heavy,

we can always trust Christ to help us bear it.”

(Matthew 11:28-30)


B. They were impatient to get to where they were going. (v. 12)

     #1. Just because the majority says so, that doesn’t make it so.

     #2. There’s not a single verse in the Bible that tells us to hurry up or we’ll

           miss God!

           ~ Isaiah 40:31 & Lament. 3:25.


C. They failed to heed God’s Word. (v. 11)

     #1. God speaks through His Word. (2 Peter 3:2 & 2 Peter 1:21) 

     #2. Be careful, if you look hard enough you’ll find someone whose opinion

           will confirm what you wants to do. (or even hear, act and say)


D. They looked to the circumstances instead of God to guide them.

                                                                                                    (v. 13-15)

     #1. The idea that we think at times:


A Truth to Remember:

He’ll never lead you anywhere that doesn’t require

His provision and protection.


     #2. How to get out of the storm.

           ~ First, Prepare for the storm before you get into it.

                                                                                (Matt. 7:24 & Phil. 1:29)

           ~ Secondly, Stay calm! (Mark 6:50 & Acts 27:25)

           ~ Thirdly, Never abandon your purpose! (Acts 27:1)




March 7, 2021


            James 1:13-18


Question: Why does God allow His people to be


Answer:   The Greek word for “Trials” in James means

                 3 things:

#1. To Try.          #2. To Test.                #3. To Prove.


Question: What is the end result of testing and

                  adversity for the spiritually minded believer?

Answer:   There are 5 Rewards that every believer

                  receives in their trails.

   #1. Patience.    #2. Maturity.       #3. Wholeness.

           #4. Contentment.           #5. Wisdom.  


Question: What is Temptation?

Answer:   The word “Tempt” means 4 things:

#1. To solicit to do evil.   #2. To allure into wrong doing.

#3. To seduce or persuade.    

#4. To entice to bad choices by the promise of gain.


Never Forget this:

~ God will test you (vs. 1-12) to develop God character

    in you.

~ Satan will tempt you (vs. 13-16) to destroy your

   witness of God’s power.


A. Desire. (v. 14)


Fact: The word “Evil desire” means any kind of lust,

          not necessarily sexual passions.

Fact: We have taken something beautiful that God

          has made and turn that into evil desires.


B. Deception. (v. 14)


Fact: What a Powerful Revelation, “Dragged away or

          Drawn away.”

Question: What is our secret weapon, the one that

                  Jesus used to combat temptation?

Answer:    The Word of God; for when you know the

                   Word, you can detect the bait and deal with

                   it decisively.

C. Disobedience. (v. 15)

Look what is Involved:

First:              Our Emotions (Desire)

Second:         Our Intellect (Deception)

Third:             Our Will (Disobedience)


A Truth to Remember:

Christian living is a matter of the will, not feelings.


Fact: The more you exercise your will in saying “No” to

          temptation, the more God will take control of

          your life. (Phil. 2:13)


D. Death. (v. 15)


Fact: Disobedience gives birth to death, not life.

Fact: Do not be led down the wrong path, believing

          Satan’s lies that unchecked desires will not be

          carried out in reality through you. Remember,

          what is in you, will eventually come out in time.


How To Overcome Temptation:

#1. The God ordained way to overcome the temptation

      is to push the wrong thoughts out of our mind, and

      immediately focus our thoughts upon Jesus and His


#2. We can be continually prepared to resist temptation

      through meditation upon the Word (Psalm 1) and

      willfully making no provision for the flesh.

       (Romans 13:14)



February 28, 2021


James 1:1-12


Question: Why does God allow His people to be


Answer:   The Greek word for “Trails” in James is

                  (PEIRASMOS) which means 3 things:

            #1. To Try.                  #2. To Test.                #3. To Prove.


A. Reward #1: Patience or Perseverance. (v. 3)

Fact: Trails are not to sour us but to strengthen us.

          Trails are not to offend us but to mature us.

Fact: The Greek word for “Patience” means:

“To endure and persevere under adversity.

To suffer long under difficulty.”


B. Reward #2: Maturity. (v. 4)

Fact: The Greek word for “mature” means:

          “Maturity of Character”.


A Truth to be Remember:

“We must all go through the struggles to be what God intended us to be.”


What a Discovery Here:

That God is more concerned about our Character than our Convenience.


C. Reward #3: Wholeness. (v. 4)

Fact: The Greek word for “complete” means:

          “Complete and Whole”.


Remember: This is why people, who run from difficulty when they don’t get what they want, stay immature and fail to get what they need.


Question: What is God’s will for this?

Answer:    Ephesians 4:14-15


D. Reward #4: Contentment. (v. 4)

Fact: The Greek words for “not lacking anything” it

          means: “No lack of anything or wanting

          nothing; contentment”.


A Truth to Remember:

“If I’m not content with what I have,

I’ll never be content with what I want!”

(Bill Gother)


E. Reward #5: Wisdom. (v. 5)

Question: What is “wisdom” here?

Answer:   It is the ability from God to know what to

                 do and how to apply God’s truth when in


Question: How do we pray for wisdom?

Answer:   “he must believe and not doubt (v. 6)

Question: What is promised to those who handle

                  their problems correctly in verse 12?

Answer:    #1. Real Happiness. #2. Real Living.


Fact: God cannot build our character without our

          cooperation. If we resist Him, then He

          chastens us into submission. But, if we

          submit to Him, then He can accomplish His



Slow Down

“Hurry is not of the devil, it is the devil.”

(Karl Jung)

February 14 & 21, 2021

“Victory Over Separation”

Romans 8:33-39


Fact: There are Three Promises that produces Joy to

          help us be “Victorious over the feelings of



Promise #1: Your “Past Life” cannot separate you from

                      the Love of God. (v. 33)


Question: What is Paul addressing?

Answer:   He is dealing with the whispers of

                 condemnation from the evil one.

Question: Why does Paul deal with this?

Answer:  Because God knew that the transgressions

                of your past can come to mind with such

                force, that they can destroy your joy in the


Question: How does the accuser of my soul charge

                  me with false guilt?

Answer:   #1. Your conscience can condemn you of

                        sin that God has forgiven you of.

                  #2. The law can condemn you of sin that

                         God has forgiven you of.

                  #3. People can condemn you of sin that

                        God has forgiven you of.

                  #4. The adversary himself can condemn

                         you of sin that God has forgiven you of.

Question: What is the answer to this false

                  condemnation that is plaguing so many?

Answer:   Verse 33, says:

“Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.”

Question: What does it mean to be justified by God?

Answer:   #1. Justification means that God has

                        pardoned you and pronounced you just

                        in His sight.

                  #2. Justification means that no one can

                        bring a charge against you because

                        God has forgiven you.

                 #3. Justification means that God has 

                       counted you righteous before a Holy

                       God, because of His acceptance of

                       Christ’s sacrifice.

                 #4. Justification means that regardless of

                       your past life, past sin, past failures, past

                       shame, past charges, past defeats and

                       past accusations, God’s favor is now

                       upon you if you are in Christ Jesus.


Promise #2: Your “Present Circumstances” cannot

                      separate you from the Love of God.

                      (v. 34)


Question: Verse 34, says: “Who is he that condemns?”

Answer:   Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

                                                         (Revelation 12:10)

Question: If Satan is the accuser, then who is it that

                  enables me to stand tall in all of my


Answer:   Verse 34, gives us that answer.

“It is Christ Jesus, who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.”


Fact: There are 4 Absolutes of verse 34:

            #1. “Christ Died for You”

            #2. “Christ is Risen for You”

            #3. “Christ is Exalted for You”

            #4. “Christ is Interceding for You this Hour”


Promise #3: Your “Future Challenges” cannot

                      separate You from the Love of God.

                                                               (vs. 35-39)


Fact: God wants you to act on the first 4 words of

          verse 38;  “For I am convinced


Question: What does God want me to be fully

                  convinced about?

Answer:   That absolutely nothing can keep God from:

            #1. Loving You.

            #2. Nothing and No one can stop you doing

                  God’s will, but you!

Question: What are you fret about?

Answer:    Verse 35, tells us what not to fret about.

            #1. Troubles?     

            #2. Hardship?       

            #3. Persecution

            #4. Famine?       

            #5. Nakedness?      

            #6. Danger?

            #7. Sword?

Guess What?

“In all these things…”(v. 37) Christ will carry us through every one victoriously. He will take care of you!!!


Fact: In verses 38 & 39, it tells us that we should get

          rid of all our worries, How come? Because…

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,  neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

February 7, 2021

Victory Over Sadness”

Romans 8:28-32


A. Resource #1 is a “Promise”. (v. 28)

     Question: What is the promise from God to you?

     Answer:   Verse 28, says:

“And we know (know what?) that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”


     #1. This is a promise of Assurance:

     #2. This is a promise of Continuation:


     Question: What does it mean that all things “work


     Answer:   The words “work together” comes from

                       the Greek word (SUNERGIE) which

                       means: “To create, to replace, to

                       forge, to move and to guide”.



The words “work together” are also in the present action tense which means all things “are continually” working together for good.


     #3. This is a promise of Blessing:

          ~ The word “good” comes from the Greek word

             (AGATHON) which means: “The ultimate



     #4. Romans 8:28 is a promise of Condition:

     Question: What is the limitation on Romans 8:28?

     Answer:   God works all things out for the ultimate

                      good only to those who love God and are

                      committed to His purpose for

                       their lives.


B. Resource #2 is a “Process”.

    Question: Why has God given us such a wonderful

                      promise in v. 28?

    Answer:   So that He can fulfill His purpose in your

                      life and mine.

    Question: What is God’s will and purpose for every

                      one of us?

    Answer:   Verse 29 says: “For those God foreknew

                      he also predestined to be conformed to

                      the likeness of his Son, that he might be

                      the firstborn among many brothers.”


 (Is it that Important to God?)

The word “predestinate” comes from the Greek

word (PROORISEN) which means

To destine and appoint beforehand”.


     Question: What does it mean to be conformed?

     Answer:   The Greek word for “conformed” is

                       (SUMMORPHOUS) which means “to

                        possess the same likeness as Jesus.”


C. Resource #3 is a “Provision”.

     Question: How do we know that we can reach our

                       destiny in Jesus?

     Answer:   Because of verse 31-32:

“What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”



In verse 32, it speaks of His Provision.

#1. God’s Provision is Spiritual. (Ephesians 1:3)

#2. God’s Provision is Material. (Philippians 4:19)

#3. God’s Provision is Eternal. (John 3:16)

#4. God’s Provision is Receivable Now. (2 Cor. 12:9)


“Life is hard, but God is good,

 and each of us has the opportunity

to share in God’s good work.”

January 31, 2021


Romans 8:18-27


A. The “Hurt” of Suffering. (vs. 18-23)

     Question: What is God saying in these verses?

     Answer:   He is saying that people hurt and people



In Plain Truth:

The word “Sufferings” in verse 18 means: “All form of pain and struggle that you encounter”.


     Question: How does God encourage, lift and

                       sustain every believer in every season of

                       pain and disappointments?

     Answer:I consider that our present sufferings are

                     not worth comparing with the glory that

                     will be revealed in us.” (v. 18)


(In other words)

The Christian’s future is glorious beyond what we have

 seen or heard or imagined.  (I John 3:2)


     Question: Why do believers groan, ache, hurt and

                       feel pain, yet not  get sour and


     Answer: “Not only so, but we ourselves, who have

                     the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly

                     as we wait eagerly for our adoption as

                     sons, the redemption of our bodies.” (23)

     Question: Why do we groan and yet remain


     Answer:    #1. We have a witness:        

                       #2. We have a wait:


B. The “Hope” in Suffering. (vs. 24-25)

     Question: Then what is it that keeps us in the

                        meantime and what is it that the devil

                        wants to steal from you?

     Answer:    One thing, it is found in verse 24 & 25. 

                       “Hope… Hope… Hope… Hope…

                         Hope…” (5 times)

     Question: Why does the devil work overtime to

                       steal hope out of every heart here today?
     Answer:   “For we are saved by hope(v. 23)

     Question: Why is hope in your heart so important

                       when you suffer any painful season,

                       circumstance or person?

     Answer:   then do we with patience wait for it”. (25)



Suffering teaches us patience.

    Question: What is it that keeps you and sustains


    Answer:   “Hopethat God puts in your heart!


C. The “Helper” through Suffering. (vs. 26-27)

     Question: What strengthens my hope, gives me

                       patience and lifts me above my


     Answer:   “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in

                        our weakness. We do not know what we

                        ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself

                        intercedes for us with groans that words

                        cannot express.” (v. 26)



There are two great confessions that are made in verse 26.

        #1. We don’t know how to pray as we ought.

        #2. We do have the Holy Spirit to help us to be

              great prayers.


     Question: How does the Spirit help us in our


     Answer:   The Greek word for “Helps” means:

                       “To work in association with



The Glorious results of this are:

#1. The Holy Spirit knows what is best for us.

#2. The Holy Spirit enables us to pray apart from our

       own ability.

#3. The Holy Spirit directs and guides our praying.

#4. The Holy Spirit pulls us in the right direction.

#5. The Holy Spirit knows when our burdens are too

       heavy to express.


“Groans that words cannot express”

are often prayers that God cannot not refuse.

(Charles H. Spurgeon)

January 24, 2021


(Romans 8:5-17)


Notice the Cause and Effect in verses 5-10

It is a contrast between flesh and Spirit —

the carnal mind – and the spiritual mind.


Question: What two choices present themselves to

                  us every day?

Answer:    In verse 5, we can “mind the things of

                   the flesh or “mind the things of the


Question: If there are two choices, what are the

                  two results or consequences of our


Answer:   In verse 6, we see:

            #1. To be carnally minded is death.

            #2. To be spiritually minded is life and



A. We are “Quickened” by God. (v.11)

     Question: What does it mean to be 

                       “Quickened” by God?

     Answer:    The Greek word for “Quicken

                        means: “To make alive, to give new

                        life, to cause to live, to renew

                        and to remake altogether.”


In Plain Truth:

When you got saved, the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the grave took up residence in you.


     Question: How do we respond to being

                       quickened and born again?

     Answer:   We accept responsibility and

                       understand that we are debtors.

     Question: Who enables us to subdue the

                       desires that are opposed to God?

     Answer:    The Holy Spirit!!!

B. We are “Led” by God. (v. 14)

     Question: What does it mean to be “Led by 


     Answer:    To word “Led” means: “To be carried

                        along and supported through every

                        season of life.”



The verb “Led by the Spirit” means: “Willingly led”.

     Question: How are we blessed by God?

     Answer:   They are found in:

           ~ Verse 15 – “Adopted

           ~ Verse 17 – “Joint-Heirs

           ~ Verse 17 – “Glorified together with Jesus


      Question: Why is it so wonderful to be a


      Answer:    #1. In verse 15, we receive the Spirit

                              of adoption which means

                              affection and confidence of a

                              child with a loving Father.


             #2. In verse 15, we can cry out “Abba

                   Father” which means we can express

                   in prayer whatever is on our hearts.


             #3. In verse 16, we have the inward

                   witness of being a part of God’s family.



Joint heirs with Christ”, means:

As God exercised His favor towards His Son,

so God exercises His favor and blessing

on those who receive His Son.

January 17, 2021


(Romans 7:14 – 8:4)


A. What does it mean to be free from Condemnation? (v. 1)

Question: How does Paul begin his song of victory?

Answer:   The people who belong to Jesus are not


Question: What do the words “No Condemnation” means

                  to you and me?

Answer:    The Greek words means: “No consequences of

                   sin or No Divine displeasure over sin.”

Question: Who is it that is free from condemnation?

Answer:   Verse 1, says: “those who are in Christ Jesus,”

Question: What is the consequence of true repentance in

                  the heart?

Answer:  #1. Your conscience is relieved.

                #2. Your favor with God is assured.

                #3. Your acquittal is sealed.


B. What does it mean to be free from the Law of Sin and
     Death? (v. 2)

Question: What is “The Law of sin and death?”

Answer:    Is the rule and reign of sin that results in death.

Question: What has happened to the law of sin and death

                  in the believer?

Answer:  #1. You are free from the law or the power of

                       sin that results in death.

                #2. You now live in the Spirit of life in Christ



Fact: The law of sin leads to death! But the law of the Spirit

          frees us from (or overpowers) the former law!


C. What does it mean that Christ has Condemned Sin in
     the Flesh?

Condemned Sin in the Flesh” Means:

        #1. Jesus abolished the ruling principle of sin to

              call the shots in your life and mine.

        #2. Jesus destroyed Satan and Sin in their power

              to overcome someone who is “In Christ”.


D. What does it mean to Walk after the Spirit? (v. 4)

Question: How do we react to Jesus condemning sin in the


Answer:   In verse 4, it says: We walk not after the flesh

                 nature, but after the Spirit”



The Word of God kept in our hearts, enables us to discern the source behind every urge, impulse and desire. If it is an urge from God, it will produce joy and peace. If it is an urge from Satan, it will produce guilt and death.




CONDEMNATION             AND                CONVICTION

IS FROM SATAN                                                     IS FROM GOD


IS FULL OF FEAR                                                  IS FULL OF FORGIVENESS

BEATS YOU DOWN                                               PULLS YOU UP


IS HARD AND HARSH                                           IS GENTLE AND KIND

SAYS, “YOU ARE NO GOOD.”                             SAYS, “I HAVE CHOSEN YOU.”

LEADS TO DESTRUCTION                                   LEADS TO DELIVERANCE

LEADS TO DEPRESSION                                      LEADS YOU TO JOY   

SEPERATES GOD AND MAN                                UNITES GOD AND MAN










IS FULL OF TORMENT                                          IS FULL OF POWER AND LOVE

COMES FROM THE LAW                                      COMES FROM CALVARY’S CROSS

SAYS, “YOU ARE NO GOOD.”                             SAYS, “YOU ARE SPECIAL TO GOD.”


SAYS, “GIVE UP, IT’S NO USE.”                          SAYS, “DON’T QUIT, JUST KEEP ON


January 3, 2021

Resolutions, making this a Great Year.

Ephesians 4:17-32


A. I must look Backwards and be Grateful. (Vs. 17-19)

Question: Why then, do we need to look Back and be


Answer: There are five areas were we all were.

               #1. We were vain (futility). (v. 17)

               #2. We were darkened. (v. 18)

               #3. We were alienated (separated). (v. 18)

               #4. We were past feeling (no sensitivity). (v. 19)

               #5. We were carnal (impurity). (v. 19)


B. I must look Inward and be Hopeful. (vs. 20-24)

Question: What really happened when I got saved?

Answer:    A process of dramatic change began to take place in

                 your life.

Question: How do you “put off the old man”?

Answer:    By exercising faith in the truth.


C. I must look Outward and be Fruitful. (vs. 25-32)


“Notice how inward change is

reflected in outward behavior.”


Question: What am I to deal with?

                 #1. Deal with my Tongue. (v. 25)

                 #2. Deal with my Anger. (V. 26)

                 #3. Deal with my Deceit. (v. 28)

                 #4. Deal with my Intentions. (v. 29)

                 #5. Deal with my Forgiveness. (vs. 31-32)


A Truth to Remember.

Un-forgiveness is the poison we drink

while we wait for the other person to die.


Question: Why do we Forgive?

Answer:    #1. God has forgiven you.

                 #2. Because forgiveness releases God’s power for

                       you to minister to more people.



“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6)