Living A Blessed Life Series
August 29, 2021

“Which Master are you Serving?”

Matthew 6:24


Fact: “Mammon” is an Aramaic word that essentially

           means “riches”.


A. Breaking the spirit of Mammon.


Fact: The spirit of Mammon is basically the spirit of the



     1. I have noticed that people who are under the 
         influence of the spirit of Mammon tend to have
         the most fear about their money.


Fact: Jesus states that the spirit of Mammon will try to

          take the place of God.

Fact: More than anything, the spirit of Mammon wants

          to rule.


Fact: One of the most misquoted verses in the Bible is

          1 Timothy 6:10:

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”


Fact: Money is not the answer to problems – God is.

Fact: Jesus is proclaiming: Either we will love one and

          hate the other or we will be loyal to one and

          despise the other.


B. True Riches. (Luke 16:9-13)
     1. Here Jesus calls mammon unrighteous but note
         that He wasn’t calling money unrighteous.


Fact: Money can be used for either unrighteous or

          righteous purposes.

Fact: It tells us that we are to use our money for that

          which is eternal.


     2. In Matthew 6:19-21, Jesus says when we use

         money for righteous purposes, we are laying up

         treasurer in heaven.


Fact: This explains why the enemy of our souls works

           so hard to corrupt and distort out thoughts about


Fact: The Bible says that we must be faithful with a

          little before we will be entrusted with much.

                                  (Luke 16:10)


     3. We become centered on the blessings rather than
         on the Blessor.


Fact: God uses things to test our hearts and reveal

          what’s inside.


     4. We need to have a heart of gratitude.


Living A Blessed Life Series
August 15

The Principle of Multiplication

Luke 9:12-17



That’s the tendency for all of us. We try or want to figure out in advance how God is going to provide for our needs.


A. Two Keys to Multiplication.
     #1. Something must be blessed before it can


Fact: What many Christians fail to understand is

          that before your money can multiply, it has to

          be blessed.


          a. When we give the first of our increase, the
              tithe, to the Lord, therest of it is blessed.
                                (Romans 11:16)
          b. When you give to the Lord first and the
              Lord puts His blessing on it, then, and only
              then, does it have the ability to multiply.


    #2. Only what is given away can multiply.


Fact: Tithing isn’t really giving – it’s returning.


B. The Power of Offerings.
     1. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a story of three


Fact: There is a principle of faithful stewardship

          that teaches that we should give more to God

          than just the tithe because tithing is simply

          returning to Him what is already His.

Fact: Tithing is where we remove curse. Tithing is

          what brings the blessing on the balance of

          our finances. Tithing is what causes God

          to rebuke the devourer and open the

          windows of heaven. It is the foundation on

          which our giving is built.


     2. If you look closely at Malachi 3:8-11, God
         mentions more than the tithe, He mentions
         “Tithes and offerings.” (v. 8)


C. The Power in the Law of Sowing and Reaping.
                                (1 Cor. 3:6)
     1. This Law states, that you have to sow in order
          to reap.
     2. It’s not about what we do but its more about
         what God can do.



I’m convinced that God wants to bless and multiply our finances, just as He blessed and multiplied the two fish and five loaves.

Living A Blessed Life Series
August 1

Tithing is Life, not Law

Matthew 6:21


Fact: When we demonstrate faithful stewardship –

          we show God that we realize that we are

          stewards, not owners, when we give Him the



A. Passing the Test. (Matthew 6:21)
     1. It basically saying: “That your heart follows
         your treasurer.”


Fact: The word “Tithe” translates in the Hebrew as

          “Tenth” or “Tenth part of”.

Fact: What is true is that the number 10 is

          associated with testing throughout the Bible.


      2. The Tithe represents the ultimate “heart test”
           for the believer, but tithing is the only area in
           which Christians are invited to test God.
                                 (Malachi 3:10)


Fact: It’s a life of Obedience or a life of Curses.


B. The Law and Grace.
     1. The Grace of God really is amazing.


Fact: The righteousness of grace always exceeds

          the righteousness of the law.

                            (Matthew 5:17-20)


     2. Whenever Jesus points to an Old Covenant
          law, He then sets a higher standard under
          the New Covenant Grace.


Fact: The point is that there are certain principles

          throughout the scriptures that Jesus didn’t do

          away with, but He encourages us to live that

          higher standard, with His help.


C. Abraham, Melchizedek, and You.
    1. In Genesis 14:18-20, we read that 430 years
        before tithing was a part of the Mosaic law,
        Abraham tithed to Melchizedek.
    2. In Genesis 28:20-22, we find Jacob having his
        famous encounter with God in a dream.


Fact: True tithing comes from the heart, not a

          legalistic mind.


    3. In the New Testament, it is not silent about the
        principle of the tithe. (Matthew 23:23)


Fact: Giving to God just doesn’t involve tithing, but

          it involves all matters of your heart.


D. Caring for God’s Bride.


We need to see the church as a visible manifestation of God’s Bride.

Living A Blessed Life Series
July 11 & 18

God must be First

Exodus 13:2, 12-13


  • It’s all about the Heart.

(God was a giver and we also need to be givers.)

#1. Deal with a selfish heart. (Deut. 15:7-9)

#2. Deal with a grieving heart. (Deut. 15:10)

#3. Develop a generous heart. (Deut. 15:14)

#4. Develop a grateful heart. (Deut. 15:15)


A. The Principle of Firstfruits.
     1. Sacrificed or Redeemed. (Exodus 13:2)
         a. God plainly declares that the firstborn “is
             Mine”. (Exodus 13:12-13)

Fact: Jesus was God’s Tithe. (Romans 5:8)

Fact: We have to give our firstfruits offering – our

          tithe – in much the same way. Before we see

          the blessings of God, we give it in faith.


          b. God gave Jesus in faith “that He might be
              the firstborn among many brethren”.
                                (Romans 8:29)


Fact: The Israelites were saved by the blood of the

          lamb in the form of the cross!


     2. The first belongs to God.
          a. This principle is found through the Bible.
          b. It always requires faith to give first.


Fact: Tithing, it is the primary way we   

          acknowledge that God is first.


B. The First of the First.
     1. Not only does the firstborn belong to God but
         the firstfruits belong to Him as well.
                            (Exodus 23:19)
         a. Notice that the scripture designatesthe
             house of the Lord as the proper place to
             give your firstfruit.


Fact: Tithing to the Lord’s house involves honoring

          the Lord with our possessions and with the

          firstfruits of all of our increase.


     2. Consecrated or Cursed – that’s exactly what
          the tithe is all through the Bible.
          a. The tithe is consecrated to the Lord and for
               the Lord’s house.


Fact: In Malachi 3:8-9, God makes it clear that if we

          keep the tithe to ourselves, we are robbing



          b. Many people say, “Tithing was under the
              law, so I don’t have to do it. We’re under


Fact: There are eternal principles throughout the

          Word of God and tithing is clearly one of


C. Respect for what’s God. (There is a lesson in 
    this for us)
    1. God is looking at our hearts when we give.


Fact: The tithe is your firstfruit, the tithe must be

          first. (Lev. 27:30)


    2. If God is first in your life, everything will come
        into order.


God doesn’t need you to give –

you need to be Blessed.