Marathon Fishing Trip

Friday, November 9, 2018 @ 3am.

Leaving from Gloucester, Ma.


Cost Per Person: $225.00


Fishing Trip ($100.00), Hotel ($50.00), Tip to Crew ($30.00)

Transportation cost ($20.00) & Rod and Reel Rental ($25.00)



Everyone brings food items to be made by a Galley hand.
Look over list and email me what you want to bring.

Further Information contact:

Rodney Maxson @ (224) 234-0970

November 9th Fishing Trip – Gloucester   MA
1. This fishing trip is a 12 hour marathon, Pollock slam, 5am-5pm charter on the 75 foot Yankee Fleet, out of Gloucester, MA, with 20 anglers on Friday, November 9th. Check em out @  
The boat leaves from the following address:
Parker St. Gloucester,  MA 01930
2. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the fishing grounds. We      leave the dock at 5:00 am sharp, no acceptations. 
3. Actual fishing time varies based on the amount of fish caught.
    The crew needs time for fish cleaning. Fish cleaning by crew
    members is additional cost. (Recommended)  Plastic bags are
    available for cleaned fish @ $1.00 per bag of needed.
4. The Yankee Fleet captain and crew work very hard to find fish,      assist you while you’re fishing and cleaning your fish on the
     return trip.
5. Please be respectful of the Yankee Fleet rules.
6. No alcohol can be brought on board. 
7. We drop our lines to fish and reel up our lines to move, as the
    captain int.  
8. This is a NO BAIT, JIG ONLY trip. There will be no bait on the
     boat, and you will not be allowed to bring bait. The big pollock
     are normally on the grounds starting at the end of September,
     bait, only brings the dogfish. Do not sign up for this trip unless
     you are prepared to jig for the day.
9. Rod and Reel rentals include 1st jig set up. Additional jigs, if
    needed, are sold for $14.00 cash. No credit cards or debit cards
    will be accepted. Any rods and reels lost over board, must be
10. Each fisherman is asked to bring food to pass. Please
      remember to bring enough. There will be 25–28 people on
      board, including crew members.
11. Stacy, the gallery girl, does a fantastic job keeping our food
      rotated, hot and ready to eat. Don’t forget to compliment her. If
      you leave hungry, it  will ONLY be your own fault. LOL
12. Leave the hotel at 3:30 am for boat.  
13. Coffee is provided on board.
14. There is an optional fish pool for heaviest fish landed. Entry is
      $10.00 per angler and it is customary to donate 1/3 to 1/2 of the
       winnings to the crew.
15. We will have a short devotional and prayer time on the way out
       to the fishing grounds, also instructions on how to use the rods
       and reels, plus any safety tips.  


Motel 6 Boston – Danvers  Thu, Nov 8

65 Newbury Street/US Route 1 North
Danvers, MA 01923 

Hotel Phone # 978-774-8045


November 8th
1. 1:00 pm arrive at Oneonta Assembly of God
             Address – 1667 County Hwy. 48                                Oneonta, NY 13820              
Contacts – 224-234-0970 – Rod Maxson   
               – 607-287-6975 – Pastor John
2. 1:15 — 1:45 load vehicles
3. 2:00 pm sharp leave for trip
4. 6:00ish stop for dinner — T.B.D.   
1. Pastor John Greiner — Paid   2. Ben Grenier — Paid
3. Ben’s Friend (Dave) — Paid   4. Clark Andrews. $125.00
5. Jeff Garrison — Paid              6. Little Fisherboy — Paid
7. Kevin Cady — paid                 8. Robert Cady — paid
9. John Vranken. — Paid          10. Chris Shafer. — Paid
11. Lee Mayne. — paid             12. Greg Jensen. – Paid
13. Pastor Jay Henderson. — Paid
14. John Slentz. — paid            15. Tyrell  — Paid
16. Tim Fletcher — Paid            17. Collin Fletcher — Paid
18. Lester Howard — $125.00   19. Jonny Howard — $125.00
20.  Mark Arnold — Paid  
Fruit platter, home fries, crock pot of soup, fried chicken, potato salad, Garden/Chef Salad, pan of ziti, pulled pork and rolls, ect.    
***Remember it’s November, hot foods are welcome!  
1. Pastor Grenier — paper plates/bowls/cups/napkins and
                                plasticware, etc. 
2. Ben Grenier — 
3. Ben’s Friend —
4. Clark Andrew’s — 
5. Jeff Garrison — Lasagna & 2 apple pies
6. Little Fisher Boy — 4 doz eggs, 3 lbs breakfast sausage &
                                   3 doz zucchini/blueberry muffins.
7. Kevin Cady– Scallop Potatoes and Ham, 2 cases of water,
                          3 cases of soda.
8. Robert Cady — 2 cases of Diet soda, macaroni salad
9. John Vranken — Marconi & cheese, polish sausage.
10. Chris Shafer —  Meatball, rolls, cheese and sauce to make
                               meatball subs.
11. Lee Mayne — 5 dozen cookies
12. Greg Jensen — Carrot Cake and 4 lbs. of bacon
13. Pastor Jay Henderson — 3 cases of Gatorade,
                                              2 cases of water
14. John Flentz — Crock pot of chili, garlic biscuits & 3 raspberry
15. Tyrell — Sausage & peppers/onions & rolls & brownies. 
16. Tim Fletcher —
17. Collin Flecher —
18. Lester Howard —
19. Johnny Howard —
20. Mark Arnold — Meat & Cheese platter and rolls.
Look over list and email me what you want to bring.